by Dr. Chris Brown

What does it mean to be a pilot?

It means you operate in a state of activation for all of the roles and aspects of your life, thus experiencing a deeper relationship with awareness of your focus. 

You push your boundaries. Your limits. 

You push your willingness to train the basics. 

To do the thing when you first started. 

With the attention to all the little details that allow you to operate unconsciously when doing it. 

But you do it better the second time. And you stick to it. And you do what you enjoy doing, what it is that you actually want to do. 

You take ownership of your life. You set the goals, become aware of the problem and address the problem. 

You create momentum. Through streaks. 

Flex your consistency muscle, your discipline muscle, your stick to it muscle. 

Creating the plan is easy. Doing the plan is easy. Sticking to the plan is hard. 

Being a pilot is hard and rare. And goes in cycles. 

Because eventually, an empty mile becomes an extra mile. 

The brain always adapts.