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My Name is Dr. Chris Brown

And I stand for a world where the education I received in chiropractic school is freely accessible to humanity as a whole so that every man, woman and child has an opportunity to be the pilot of their own health and life. We all deserve to understand how our body functions and works from the inside out. I hope you find what others have found: that the fundamental piece towards living a longer, healthier and happier life starts with your brain – and that the health of your brain is absolutely within your own control.


One of the many reasons I do what I do

The difference in care at The Specific is simple, yet powerful. We objectively measure all aspects of clinical care using both Computerized Infrared Thermography and Biomechanical, Digital X-rays while focusing solely on the top two bones of the neck and the unique relationship those bones have with the central nervous system. These elements alone allow us to get results with our patients’ health where there haven’t been any.

We love helping people overcome chronic health challenges who haven’t responded to traditional medical or traditional chiropractic care. Our favorite phrases are:

“I’ve tried everything”
“I’m just going to have to try and live with it.”




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“We have two lives: The second one begins when we realize we only have one”

– Confucius