by Dr. Chris Brown

How do you celebrate?

Maybe it’s a trip. Maybe it’s a night out with friends.

To reward oneself is to disrupt the pattern.

Interrupt the routine, give the systems a break that got you to where you are.

It’s time to refuel the steam boat. And to acknowledge how long you’ve had your eyes set on this goal and the fact that you made it.

It’s time time to spend time with your team. To give odes to the adversity, the slumps, the “student athlete” days, the days where you had to grit and grind to keep momentum.

Its hard to win a championship. It’s hard to make the playoffs. It’s hard to win the month. It’s hard to win the week.

It’s harder to win the days. It’s harder to string the days together to win the week. Its harder to string the weeks together to win the month. Its harder to string the months together to make playoffs.

All this effort to win a championship.

Walk on.