Purposeful Momentum
by Dr. Chris Brown

This title was written out by me a month ago.

Oh boy.

Purposeful Momentum.

Well there’s this piece. Little do people know that this blog forum is a beta testing place for me to word vomit for my book called “My Mind is My Friend”.

And little do people know my newsletter is a testing place for one of my themes of the book (science).

Basically I’m using this as practice to ramp up my writing skills to where I have enough to start organizing and picking out the themes.

The book will be a combination of science, mindsets, tactics to try coupled with my own anecdotes and stories.

The big three main themes in the book will be


The actual breakdown of the book will look like this:
How the Mind Works
How to Identify the Root Stressor
Physiologic Approaches to Clear the Root Stressor and the Physiological/Psychological impacts behind it
The Mindset behind the tactics/Meditations
The Secret in the Back of the Book (Upper Cervical Chiropractic)

My goal is to have this be around 120 pages. A quick read, an easy read but a highly impactful and revolutionary read.

My plan is to play my game. In which case, I’ll share that next. But this book won’t come out until 2025.

Tell me that doing this now, it’s not purposeful momentum behind the scenes.

Do things that will impact you in 6 months.